Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Spring Garden Dress.

This is what happens when indecision creeps its way into my crafty world.

A dress is born that is both knitted and sewn.

Ok it wasnt really indecision, just a big knitting mistake that accidentally turned into something gorgeous. Don't you just love when that happens?
So here is my hot tip for any would-be knitters out there.
CHECK that each ball is of the same dyelot.
That's it.
But I did.not.know.this.
That means those fiddly numbers on the label must all match up.

^^^ See? Matching. ^^^
But of course Im sure you already knew this insider info and Im just showing off my noviceness.
But we all have to learn somehow.
Having taught myself to knit from youtube and books, I somehow managed to miss this step and ended up with an expensive colour line right through the middle of what was supposed to be a Spring Garden Tee.
When balls of yarn have different dyelots, they appear to be the same colour but could very well be slightly different in shade or tone. Which means, like me, you will end up with a notciable line right through your handiwork. D'oh!

So I was on a mission to find the perfect fabric to compliment my expensive cotton yarn and turn my little tee into a dress. And voila!
All I did was measure my little model's waist and times that by one and a half to get my waist measurement and then measured her for length.
No pattern required for the skirt and I love those kind of projects.
The accidentally awesome ones.

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  1. That's gorgeous! I think I'd wear something like that if I came across it in a shop! :)

    Visiting from AndSewWeCraft linky!
    Hayley - happyhousewifey.com

    1. Thank you, very nice of you to say!

  2. Oh I love it! And sounds like a happy mistake I would make too!

    Such a gorgeous result!

    Thanks for linking up the ASWC Together x

    1. Thanks for having me again. It was definitely a happy mistake.