Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello Winter.

Oh gosh my favourite season is here!
Yes, it's winter.
I genuinely don't know anyone else who hearts winter as their fav season quite like me.
But surely I am not the only one.
I love the snow, I love wearing boots, scarves and hoodies, I love uggs, I love climbing into a freshly made bed with flannelette sheets, I love warm and toasty kids in their winter pyjamas, I love knitting in cold weather, I love having dinner at 5pm when it gets very dark, I love that my hair is no longer frizzy, there is no sweat, I love hot chocolates and cups of hot tea, I love babies in fluffy onesies, I love having an excuse to say inside and at home, And therefore developing a relationship with certain tv programmes.
What's not to love?
And to celebrate I stayed up late last night, listening to the rain and crocheting like mad enjoying the peace and quiet from underneath my toasty blanket and my hot cuppa.

I love a project that burns through the stash and is fast and relatively simple.
Something that gives that finished project high quickly is a winner in my books and
already Im planning a few more of these ready to take on our family snow trip in a few weeks.

And speaking of family snow trips, I just might have braved the Aldi snow sale yesterday with all of about 400 other people.
It was madness, but oh so good and cheap.

Happy Winter!

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