Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Make a bag with Cath.

Have you ever heard of Cath Kidston? I hadn't until I started becoming more and more familiar with sewing and textile type blogs and her name kept popping up everywhere.  She designs pretty patterns for the home and has gorgeous, GORGEOUS fabrics with a country, sweet sort of flair to them. Lots of pastels and flowers and all things pretty. She's me.
But more clever. And famous.
I spotted this beauty of a book last year and to my suprise, it came with a free project inside.
My favourite word.
I just had to get my mitts onto that book and over to the checkout immediately.

There is a TV show out there called 'Hoarders'. I don't watch it but have many friends unable to look away. My husband believes me, to be of the craft book hoarding variety. I have several. But they inspire me and they yield totally beautiful results so rather than buying myself copious handbags.
I just make them.  
And that's a good enough reason for me, to hoard my crafty books.
And the project was free.

All finished and ready to look dapper on someone's shoulder.
Not mine unfortunately.
 This was a present.
But I have fond memories of our time together.
My other hobbies include patting and fondling fabric.

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