Sunday, May 20, 2012

The trip that was.

Dear Melbourne,
I adore you.

With all your eclectic and vibrant, people and places.
We walked and walked through laneways and gardens taking it all in. Stopping only to breathe in everything that makes you, unique.

Sitting here pondering, it dawned on me what was different.
It was quiet. As quiet as a city can be.
There were no horns.
No angry pedestrians talking on mobile phones.
Just hushed trendy people moving about the place on trams and by foot.
Oh the trams!
Melbourne, you are peaceful.

Until i found this...

And then I squealed. Really squealed.
Having heard of the guerilla grannies movement that occured earlier in the year, when public spaces suddenly appeared to have been yarn bombed by cheeky crafters, it never occured to me that there might be some left.
Husbands just dont understand but this spot right here, on Lygon St.
This was the moment I fell in love.
With a city.

After devouring the nicest antipasti I have ever had, we moved on to the Museum.
Where matters of the heart will always find me.
A special display on the history of dressmaking in Melbourne.
More squeals.
More embarrassed looks by the hubs.

We caught a tram to St Kilda where the markets had been washed out.
Sad face.
But not to worry, we were both in a market kind of mood and caught the tram back again to the Queen Victoria Markets where a $2.50 Borek gave us both the yummiest lunch and something we will rave about for many years.
Seriously, nothing is $2.50 anymore.

If ever I live in Melbourne. And we will. One day.
Then only the Queen Victoria Markets will do for our food shopping.
The atmosphere was electric and fast paced and Im not even a good cook.
But there I was admiring the frenched lamb racks like I cook them every Thursday night. 
Mmm nom nom.

Along the way we jumped off the tram at Albert Park for a peekaboo at The Block. Becoming parents has turned us into tv tragics of a night time. And excitement levels were huge when we spotted this address. This time it was the man who squealed. Sort of.
Go team Brad and Lara!
I also popped into the Wool Baa and oohed and ahhed over their yarns.
WHY dont we have shops like these where I live?

Onwards and upwards I was ushered.

To the Eureka Skydeck where we pondered life and spotted Tasmania.
Well almost.
And started plotting to return within the year, after just one day.  
Watching the sunset after discovering a new city is a feeling that will stay with me for a long time.
Some times we all just need a little timeout.

To refresh and have a chance to miss all the little things that we love about our daily life, especially the little people in it.
They were missed fierce.
We had excited conversations mapping our future, sharing laughs in only the way two people can who share so much.
Cheers, Melbourne!
Thanks for having us.

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