Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Unfinished Business.

Sometimes we all just need a shove along to finish our projects.
I certainly do.
My knitting and sewing pile sometimes gets bigger than a basket of washing on Fridays and yet I continue to spy new and exciting patterns that I desperately want to start.
So Im going to share what Im up to in the hope someone will encourage me to finish.

Here is yet another milo.
Knit in extremely cheap and splitty yarn from Big W but thats okay because the colours are cute and rustic and this will be for around the house to keep little chests and tummies warm.

The great thing about these milo vests is that they get worn EVERY DAY.
Im not kidding.
So using a cheap yarn in this instance makes me happy because it will wash and wash and wash without me stressing over every little pilled fibre.
Win, win, win.
Im also pluggin away at the grand blankie of 2012.
And i call it this because its taking me sooo long to get through.

But it is looking gorgeous and I have to wrestle it off miss 3 in order to get some rows done.
It's long enough now to cover my feet but a bit too big to be portable for some travel crochet.
The pattern is from Lucy in the Attic and the yarn was purchased during Spotlight's Christmas Sale at about $2 a pop.
There are 21 colours so roughly a $40 blanket and only about 12 months of my time.
But it will be worth it to see Miss 3's face when it is finished and permanently on her bed.

Would love to know what projects you have on the go?

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Not Pink.

Sometimes when I get deep in thought, I think about how I was destined to have two little daughters to call my own. My poor husband is surrounded by a household of pink things and barbie bits and pretty dresses and I know he loves it, but me?
Im in my absolute element.

My favourite colours have always been warm hues and pinks, right from a young age.
Im drawn to it like a bee to honey.
And Im probably one of those mums who dress my girls in a little too much of the colour... but I cant help it.
It's pretty.
Other times when Im deep in thought, I think about what it would be like to have a boy. And I love that thought, knowing that our little family is far from complete.
So I set myself a challenge and knit something non-girly that the girls could wear.
And voila!

Another milo to take joy in.
That tikki is an incredible knitwear designer and Ill say it again.
The milo is my favourite, bestest pattern to love.
So versatile and unisex.
And my biggest girl has worn this
Not kidding.

Until she spilt sauce on it.

Hello hoot, I see you!

And there you have it.

Something not pink.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello Winter.

Oh gosh my favourite season is here!
Yes, it's winter.
I genuinely don't know anyone else who hearts winter as their fav season quite like me.
But surely I am not the only one.
I love the snow, I love wearing boots, scarves and hoodies, I love uggs, I love climbing into a freshly made bed with flannelette sheets, I love warm and toasty kids in their winter pyjamas, I love knitting in cold weather, I love having dinner at 5pm when it gets very dark, I love that my hair is no longer frizzy, there is no sweat, I love hot chocolates and cups of hot tea, I love babies in fluffy onesies, I love having an excuse to say inside and at home, And therefore developing a relationship with certain tv programmes.
What's not to love?
And to celebrate I stayed up late last night, listening to the rain and crocheting like mad enjoying the peace and quiet from underneath my toasty blanket and my hot cuppa.

I love a project that burns through the stash and is fast and relatively simple.
Something that gives that finished project high quickly is a winner in my books and
already Im planning a few more of these ready to take on our family snow trip in a few weeks.

And speaking of family snow trips, I just might have braved the Aldi snow sale yesterday with all of about 400 other people.
It was madness, but oh so good and cheap.

Happy Winter!