Monday, May 7, 2012

A quilt is nice.

Quilting took my heart right at the beginning when I began this sewing, knitting, crazy crochet journey. But it has taken me the longest to conquer in my crafty pursuits. This past Christmas I finally decided to give it a shot and made a sweet little cot quilt for our youngest daughter. It was the perfect present to make for an 8 month old baby who had absolutely no idea what was happening around her.

I love that it's bright and PINK! We do love a bit of pink in this household.

This was made using scraps of fabric from other projects that was sliced and diced into 4 inch squares. There are no rules when it comes to creating a quilt top. I had no pattern to follow and wanted a quick and easy project to wrap under the tree for Christmas. The whole process was hugely satisfying from piecing to basting to quilting to binding. I have a few more quilts already pictured in my mind just waiting for the oppurtunity to come to life.
P.S. Guess who is flying down to Melbourne this weekend for a rare three night child free holiday?? Excitement levels are HUGE!


  1. Lovely quilt and your knitting in previous post is amazing. I can't knit. :0( Yay for starting a blog too!

    1. Thanks Julie!
      I've been reading your blog for years. It's nice to have a space just for us. First comment too. Very exciting, thank you :)