Monday, July 23, 2012

Miss Jane.

Nothing beats that finished project high.
The showing off, the pride.
And Ive been feeling it a lot lately so hooray!
Im getting stuff done.

Introducing the 'Jane' cardigan.
Pattern by none other than tikki.
Who else of course?
Knit with the gorgeous Woolganics Organic Merino.
Modelled by my sleepy child.

The yarn is so soft and fluffy.
And I think this will be perfect for Spring when I just feel compelled to throw an extra layer over my kiddo when the sun dips behind a cloud.

Not much sewing going on at my house lately, can't seem to find my mojo for it in winter.
I like to sit in my recliner under a blanket when the kids are asleep
and knit, tweet and watch various ghastly tv programs.
Sewing requires getting cold at my desk next to the fridge.
I like my crafts cosy. 


  1. Your Jane is gorgeous!
    I totally think I might need to queue a red woolganics Jane now too.
    And then maybe one for me too.
    Happy knitting.

    1. Thanks so much! The woolganics is just beautifully made for this pattern. I managed to nab 3 skeins off eBay for $9 which never happens to me. Look forward to seeing yours :)