Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Milos

Another one finished.
Because a kid can never have too many warm vests in winter.

I used an incredibly cheap yarn from Big W that had a very pretty colourway.
All up this was about $5 to make.
A craft the husband can be happy about.
And sometimes you just have to knit through the stash and make something practical.

My knitting journey began two years ago when I first discovered a crafty forum called Ravelry.
I had been reading craft blogs after the birth of my first daughter wishing I could create something as beautiful as what I was seeing.
Something for my daughter and future children to cherish.
With a lot of help from my mother in law and my friend the youtube, I got click clacking on those needles and here I am only two years later pumping these little vests out in just under a week.
I'm in love with knitting. And crochet a close second.
It is relaxing and exciting and I just feel so proud to see my little babies rugged up in their winter woolies.

So next year..
I will knit for myself.

(Photo courtesy of Sadie Dayton on Ravelry)

I will tackle those cables and I might even learn to knit a tension gauge while Im at it.
It will be challenging but so rewarding and I will kick the frump out of my wardrobe.
This is the sylvi pattern that I found on pinterest and immediately lusted after.
Isnt it gorgeous?
No longer is knitting about neon, acryclic, puffy sleeved somethings from the 80s.

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