Thursday, April 26, 2012

The start.

Ah the musings of crafty little mother. Well here we are at the very beginning... a very good place to start.

Having admired blogs from afar for many a year, the time has come for me to record my own little world here in the blogosphere. So here i am. De-lurking.
What shall come of it? Im not too sure. Maybe I have missed the boat in blogging, but maybe not.

This little space will host the thoughts of one stay at home mum, yours truly, who should do way more parenting and much less crafting. What makes me happy each day, other than spending it with my two little girls, is finding things that bring me joy and doing that. Often.
Like clean sheets.
And nap times.

What started as a suprise pregnancy, early twenties and mid travels with then boyfriend, has blossomed into one charmed life with a husband and two delightful girls. A family. That was us, back in October 2008, travelling and living in Banff, Canada with thousands of other Aussie expats all who had one prerogative in mind.
Stay out late to party, Get up early to ski. Sleep optional.

If only I could go back to 2008 self and slap her and say sleep ya bugger, sleep while you can! My name is Angie. Middle name... Tired.

With my mouth hanging open staring at the two pink lines of a pregnancy test, my world as I knew it changed. I would be linked forever to the man I loved and he with me. We came home to Oz, we had a baby, we started again. And in 2012, here we are married, like real grown-ups, joined by baby sister and embarking on a new adventure. The Apprenticeship. And starting again, see a theme? 

Life is sweet. And along the way I have taught myself a few things. Like patience, and perserverance and knitting. Who knew the girl from the Gong, with big hopes and travelling dreams, would be at her happiest amongst nappies and knitting needles.


Im sure my thoughts sound much cooler in my head but Im here to share them anyway.
Welcome Y'all.

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